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What is Horsehair Braiding?

Braiding is begun by twisting tail hairs together to create what are called pulls, twists, strings or strands. Most people when discussing braiding call them strands. Several strands are attached at one end and then pinned to a board, to hold them in place. The strands are then braided together in a pattern. 

The simplest braid that most people are familiar with is the three strand braid, you see it used in pigtails on little girls. Most of the braiding done with horse hair is a little more complicated. The 8 or 12 strand square braid is used quite often for stampede strings on cowboy hats. Several 8 or 12 strand square braids can also be sewn together to make items such as belts, hat bands, suspenders, bridles as well as many other items. Braiding can also be incorporated in a hitched piece of art such as a hat band or bridle. 

There are several very talented braiders that have written books on the subject. Some of these are listed under Information / Instructional Information / Recommendations for Books - Videos - CD's.

Techniques for braiding leather are very similar to braiding horsehair.

Below are some examples of horsehair braiding.




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