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I offer two different styles of hitched horsehair hatband's. The first one shown here is hitched horsehair that is pressed flat. The second style is hitched in the round. Both have braided horsehair at the cross over using a sliding knot to adjust the size. The ends are finished with tassels made of mane hair.
Flat Hitched Hatband  

This first style is a 1/2 inch wide hitched horsehair hatband. The hitching is pressed flat to create the design you see here. I can create a design of your choice in any color combination that you would like. Below is a detail of the side sliding knot and a close up of the hat band.



If you are interested in ordering hitched horsehair items please call first to check my schedule to see if I am currently accepting new orders.

Round Hitched Hatband

The sliding knot is used to adjust the hatband size. Tassels are made of mane hair.

This second style hatband is hitched in the round. There is a braid that is made of horsehair that serves as the core to the hitched part of the hat band. The hat band is approximately 3/8 inch wide. There are many different possibilities as far as pattern design. Let me create something special for you.


Detail of the cross over sliding knots with tassels on both sides.




This is an example of the Diamond Design

Base Color:
Natural White

Design Colors:
Black, Red and White


There are so many possibilities with hitching designs that I don't want you to get stuck on what you see in these examples. When you're ready to order let me create a custom design just for you.

I can work with you on different design ideas just let me know what you would like to use for your design colors and I'll create a custom design.





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