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Running Horse Key Chain

Hi Everyone, I'm really busy with my rehab business. My husband and I are HomeVestor franchisee's the "We Buy Ugly Houses" people. We have multiple house rehabs that we are working on in Arizona and I just don't have the time to do custom horsehair orders right now. So I've decided to take the rest of the year off from my art work. I will not be accepting new custom orders for the rest of 2015. I'll reevaluate in January 2016 to see if I want to start up again. I love my art work and can't image that this will go on forever but at the same time I have to focus my attention on what pays the bills. I'm still around, so email with questions or just to say Hi! I will also keep my website and Etsy accounts active for selling horsehair supplies, those I have in stock. The only things I wont be doing will be the custom horsehair orders.

This site is split into two distinct sections.
The first is a selection of Custom Made Horsehair Memorials and Mementos that I create for you. (CURRENTLY INACTIVE)
The second is a section for horsehair artists to purchase supplies. (CURRENTLY ACTIVE)

All of the work that I do are custom orders specially created just for you. I specialize in one of a kind creations using horsehair that you send me from your special horse. I can work with horsehair that you supply, I can use horsehair I already have or a combination of both.

Tail Hair   Tail Hair
Tail Hair
Hitching Twine
Hitching Twine
I'm always adding new supplies so if you
don't see what you need just let me know.

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  Custom Work
thru 2016
Horsehair Supplies
the supplies section of the web site is ACTIVE and all supplies are still available for purchase.



Hey, leave my tail
out of this!



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