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Marjan Polek

   I have a degree in Secondary Art Education from Arizona State University, where I  specialized in weaving and textiles. Back in 1997 when I was having a pair of chaps made that had a hitched horsehair insert in the yoke, I thought it would be nice to make the inserts myself, even though I had no prior experience with horsehair hitching. At the time I was a guide and instructor for beginning horseback riders in Davie, Florida. I worked with about 30 horses at any given time and had plenty of tail hair to practice with. It was because of these special horses that I wanted to make the inserts using their tail hair. I thought it would be a wonderful memento that I would always have to remember them by.

   Little did I know that it would be the start of something very special in my life. I had no experience with horsehair hitching and didn't know anyone to ask, but undeterred, I told the chap maker I would have the inserts ready in about a month. Well, three months later and after a lot of frustration I had the inserts done and had embarked on a learning process that continues to this day.

Here is the hitched horsehair insert. It's not the best but it was my first attempt at hitching and it's what started everything so it's still pretty special to me.


   Even though I had a background in weaving, horsehair hitching and braiding are something very different. With very little written information about the art of working with horsehair I decided to start this web site back in 1999. It's evolved quite a bit since then and is still changing as I learn and continue to work with horsehair.

   It's been extremely rewarding to be able to create special keepsakes for my clients. The heartfelt stories that go along with every project that I do keep me motivated to continue to create the art work that you see on these pages.




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