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Lap boards are great for hitching as well and a good work surface for braiding. They also make your work portable. The lap board is made up of two pieces of 3/4" specially aged hard wood. 

Each board measures approximately
9" x 11" and comes with two stainless steel carriage bolts, washers and wing nuts.

  Lap Board
Lap Board


Lap Board $79.00


We make our lap boards in our own workshop here on the ranch. Each board is hand sanded and rub finished to make the very smoothest work surface possible. Our lap boards are lovingly made to last a lifetime.




Lap boards do not come with instructions on how to braid or how to hitch. I recommend the book "How To Hitch Horsehair"   By: Clay Christensen, it's available for purchase through "The Hitching Post Supply". The book is a great beginners guide to horsehair hitching and explains how to use a lap board.









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