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This Heart Memento is about 8 inches long. The tassel is made from mane hair and the braided loops are made from tail hair. The braids are connected together with round horsehair balls to create the shape of a heart. Each of the decorative balls is covered with horsehair using a technique called needle knots.

This piece can be made all from one color or I can combine colors to create a varied design. Let me know what you have in mind and I can make one just for you.


Heart Memento
Heart Memento


Here are some more examples of Heart Mementos
Braid Color: Reddish Brown  

Braid Color: Black & White

Add a Charm

Add a charm to a Heart Memento. Select from the charms shown below to add a little something extra. Charms are made of a pewter-silver mix. Click on Details to see larger versions of the charms.









We also added a charm to the heart memento on the left.



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